Learning From Jane

Touched by God, a Witness of Great Faith and Courage
by Calvin Keeler, Sr.

Lessons for the caregivers of the chronically ill

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Learning From Jane Book Cover Life for the caregiver of a chronically ill spouse can be both difficult and rewarding at the same time, as is proclaimed in this book. Over forty-seven years of illness, which started as pancreatitis, provided many lessons and illustrations of how to survive, as well as examples of how to grow a marriage. We need not despair as we watch our spouses grow more debilitated by the year, and as we wrestle with issues of sadness, stress, fear, financial support, and committed love, even as life for both is changed forever. However, life must not be lived in anger, in doom, or in desperation. This book is filled with many personal experiences, and although it is biographical, that is not its true purpose. Many people face similar medical situations and must deal with illness, doctors, and hospitals on a regular basis. This book tells it like it really was. In spite of the loneliness of the struggle, this book provides lessons of hope and faith. Each must carry on for the well being of the other: for the ill spouse as well as for the caregiver. If your marriage or relationship needs improvement or if an illness has you depressed, then Learning from Jane contains lessons and examples that may help you. This book is the story of triumphant living in spite of overwhelming life-long illness and of two people devoted to each other through good times and through times of extreme sickness and medical procedures. This is a true story of unconditional love of each for the other and has been written to explain the lessons of life and of sickness that were learned in the hope that they will be meaningful to others. It is the story of faithful love growing progressively stronger and deeper every year, and of a couple who, in spite of overwhelming illness, lived to enjoy the beauty of life, the triumph of a great love, and a relationship that crosses the chasm of the grave. Moreover, it is the story of the touch of God on the lives of two people who were committed to the Christian faith and who shared a firm belief in God. This is a real life story of how God provides guidance for us, of His continuing miracles in our lives, of the beauty of His creation, and of the love that He permits us to share. Many have commented on how much they have learned and were inspired by this book. It will be difficult to put aside.

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